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Romans Field School

Building Success Together - to help us all become the best version of ourselves.


Kestrels are a Year 5 and Year 6 class of boys, alongside two members of staff.

We are focussed on teamwork, working together, and discussing ideas as a class.

We work at tables with a partner during lessons, building on our previous knowledge, helping us strive to the be the best version of ourselves.

Spring Curriculum Overview

For more information regarding the focus for each subject please see below.

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Homework Grid

For information on the homework expectations for the Spring term please see below.

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Spring Term Snapshot

Kestrels are an active class who like to be creative, here are some of our highlights for this term.

  • Boys outside riding the school bikes as part of their reward time at the end of day on the playground.
  • Cooking puff pastry pizzas in the pupil kitchen as part of their food technology lessons, using graters, knives, spreading toppings on the pastry then putting them in the oven, cutting them once cooled and taking their pizzas home, teaching them skills that they can use at home.
  • Using technology and class resources to support their writing in English and other subjects.
  • Part of their class enrichment was making slime in the DT/Art room using different techniques, such as measuring, mixing, pouring ingredients, the curriculum area focus was cross-curricular for maths and science.