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Tawny Owls

Tawny Owls class is a group of 6 children with 3 adults discovering and striving together what works best for each child of our class to reach their full potential as a learner. We aim to create an inclusive learning environment that is supportive to diverse student needs and enliven their learning experience that are based on school values and characterised by relationships of trust and respect among children’s and between children and teachers. 

Love for Learning, knowledge and understanding in all children is promoted through learning by doing that helps develop cognitive, psychomotor, and attitudinal skills. We maximise opportunity to learn and use a range of strategies such as TEACCH, Attention Autism and Colour Semantics to support the children’s holistic development. 

In Tawny Owls, we prioritise the happiness and have a strong focus on independence, understanding safety and emotional wellbeing is closely always monitored of all children. 

Summer Curriculum Overview

For more Information regarding the focus for each subject please see below

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Summer Homework Grid

For information on the homework expectations for the Summer term please see below.

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Summer Term Snapshot

Tawny Owls have had lots of learning opportunities to challenge their thinking. In writing, we have been learning about the story, ‘Handa’s Surprise’. We all enjoyed exploring about real fruits and making some beads necklace for Handa and Akeyo.

 In Maths, we are learning about place values and understanding the place of a number, addition and subtraction. In Science, we did many experiments demonstrating ‘Change’. One of the most loved experiments was blow-up a balloon without using our own breath or balloon pump. The experiment was all about how mixing a liquid with a solid produced a gas and that gas filled up a balloon.