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Romans Field School

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About Romans Field School

Romans Field School is a small school for children aged 5 to 11, whose primary need is SEMH (social, emotional, mental health). We also have children with significant complex needs who follow a bespoke Romans Field curriculum. In September 2021, our PAN (Pupil Admission Number) increased from 50 to 66, and we are currently awaiting the building of 2 new classrooms to accommodate this rise in numbers.

Romans Field School is part of the Inclusive Learning Federation which is unique within the Milton Keynes area, made up of Romans Field School, a special school, and two mainstream primary schools, Bradwell Village, a junior school for 7 to 11-year-olds and Priory Common, an infant school for 4 – 7-year-olds. As a Federation, the staff work closely together to benefit all the children. The Federation also provides extensive CPD opportunities for staff. Romans Field School provides Behaviour Outreach Service to the other schools in the Federation.

Staff at Romans Field School are confident and skilled in building positive relationships that help to break down barriers, nurture self-esteem and challenge disaffection. Teachers and support staff work tirelessly to meet the needs of individual pupils and support their learning and emotional needs through a range of strategies including, Emotion Coaching.

At Romans Field School, we aim to support children and families to develop an understanding of the importance of a holistic approach; balanced by our strong curriculum and our therapeutic opportunities within a safe, caring and supportive environment. We are committed to meeting the individual academic, personal, social and emotional needs of our children. We achieve this by working in partnership with parents, carers and external agencies to provide a wealth of experience and opportunities which encourage every child to achieve their full potential. Our aims also include enabling our children to be confident, responsible, independent and well-educated individuals who are able to fulfil positive role models in society and to have a successful future. We have high aspirations for our children, with many transferring to mainstream education.

Everyone at Romans Field School makes every effort to provide each child with the necessary care and support to feel safe, be happy and achieve success.

We aim to provide exciting and challenging learning experiences to encourage children to learn, want to learn and to be independent learners – children who can think for themselves, express themselves appropriately and function in a wide variety of environments. To do this, we have created a positive ethos that focuses on raising self-esteem through reward and recognition on the basis of ‘the more successful you feel, the more successful you will be’.


All placement requests at Romans Field School should come through the Milton Keynes SEND team. At the point of referral many pupils have additional, associated and sometimes complex needs, which may include: ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder); ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder); ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder); Tourettes; Mental Health Difficulties; Language and Learning difficulties; Asperger's Syndrome or are on the Autistic Spectrum.

Romans Field School serves the wider Milton Keynes area and also educates children from Northamptonshire, Luton, Buckinghamshire, Bedford and Bedfordshire. See our admissions page for more detail.

About Our Pupils

Our pupils have previously found school a challenge and have experienced difficulty accessing learning. We aim to help them manage their own behaviour by recognising their challenges and barriers and teaching them alternative ways to respond to challenging situations, thus, enabling them to access learning, develop their social and emotional skills and optimise their potential.

Through the School Council, and having pupils present when we interview new staff, pupils become a crucial part of our decision-making processes.


Most pupils are transported to school by taxi organised by the School Transport Section of Milton Keynes Council. Parents/carers are notified of the taxi company details before the admission date and any changes throughout the year.

For further information

We trust our website has been helpful and informative. If you require a paper copy of the information available on our website, any further information or assistance; contact us and, we will be happy to help.