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Romans Field School

Building Success Together - to help us all become the best version of ourselves.

Mission Statement

The purpose of our school

Romans Field School aims to be a safe, caring learning haven for pupils who have previously found school challenging. We have an encouraging and nurturing approach, which seeks to allow pupils to become the best they can be in all areas of life. We work hard to provide opportunities for pupils to learn how to respond appropriately in social situations, especially in our school community.  When our pupils leave Romans Field we want them to be confident and ready for their next stage in learning.

Our vision

The vision outlines the purpose and principles of our school.

Purposes & principles

  1. Inspire and empower pupils to achieve their potential in all areas of life.
  2. Educate pupils to develop lifelong learning skills as independent learners.
  3. Provide a broad, balanced curriculum, including the National Curriculum, which will encourage each pupil to succeed and achieve their full potential in all aspects of life.
  4. Ensure that pupils make good progress in learning throughout their education in the school; from their starting points when joining the school.
  5. Prioritise teaching the core subjects of English and mathematics.
  6. Use a wide range of teaching strategies, which are best suited to the individual needs of our pupils.
  7. Alongside learning, help pupils to manage their own behaviour through learning to take responsibility and make the right choices in response to a range of situations, which leads to them having positive and meaningful relationships.
  8. Help pupils develop respect for both themselves and others, where they see their responsibility is to follow rules which allow the whole community to work well together. To do this we help them to see their place within the school community.
  9. Develop good emotional, social and communication skills so that pupils are able to participate fully in today’s local, national and global society. This is through both a timetabled, structured curriculum and extra-curricular activities where pupils develop self-awareness.
  10. Support pupils so they are able to learn in the type of education provision which most enables them to succeed in school, further education and employment.
  11. Maintain good relationships with parents, carers and other professionals so that together we can provide the best support for our pupils. We draw on their wide range of expertise to come to shared solutions and activities with a common goal.
  12. Ensure that the equal opportunities of all pupils are central to all planned outcomes and day-to-day practice.  This is supported through the planned promotion of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils.

Our mission statement

Building Success Together - to help us all become the best version of ourselves.