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Romans Field School

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Inclusive Learning Federation Governing Body


Governor Type
Term Ends

Ms Sashi Siva

Executive Headteacher


Mr Paul Hussey


Chair of Governors (LA Appointed)

History & Geography

17.12.22 16.12.26
Mr Peter Brant

Vice Chair BVS (Co-opted)

Finance Lead

17.12.22 16.12.26
Miss Lisa Vincent Head of School BVS (Associated) 17.12.22 16.12.26
Mrs Gill Cash Head of School PCS (Associated) 17.12.22 16.12.26
Mr Steven Tysom Head of School RFS (Associated) 17.12.22 16.12.26
Mrs Amanda Brown

Staff Appointed


17.12.22 16.12.26
Miss Nicola Green

Parent Appointed

Health & Safety, English, Mental Health & Wellbeing, 

17.12.22 16.12.26
Mrs Puhalya Vimalanathan



17.12.22 16.12.26
Mrs Kim Spencer

Parent Appointed

Safeguarding, Safer Recruitment & SEN

03.03.22 03.03.26
Mr Olukayode Aina Parent Appointed 03.03.22 03.03.26


The Value of School Governance                                                           

Governing Boards make decisions, which are in the best interests of the children.  Keeping the decision-making as close as possible to those that are affected by the decisions.

The Governing Board is responsible for the conduct of the school, and must promote high standards of educational achievement.  It is the school's accountable board and as such:

Provides a strategic view of the school by establishing a vision and setting the purpose and aims of the school within an agreed policy framework.  It appoints and performance manages the Executive Headteacher, agreeing the school improvement strategy which includes setting statutory targets with supporting budgets and staffing structures.

Monitors and evaluates the work of the school by reviewing the performance of the Executive Headteacher, the effectiveness of the policy framework, progress towards targets, and the effectiveness of the school improvement strategy;

Signs off the self-evaluation process and responds to school improvement service and Ofsted reports as necessary.  In addition, it holds the Executive Headteacher to account for the performance of the school and ensures that parents are involved, consulted and informed as appropriate, with information to the community being made available as required.

In order to do this, governors need to gain knowledge of how the school operates through training, by attending meetings and by getting to know the school community, for example through a small number of visits to the school to find out more about being a governor please contact the school on 01908 376011.


Our Governing Board meets formally a minimum of three times a year. Meetings dates are usually set well in advance and meetings generally last between two and three hours.  Governors are expected to be well prepared for these meetings and attendance is expected, with apologies only for good reasons.

The Governing Board delegates work to two committees (Teaching & Learning and Finance & Resources) and/or working parties and task groups, which meet between the Governing Board meetings.  In addition some governors volunteer to fulfil specific roles, such as being Special Educational Needs Governor, or the Health and Safety Governor, or the link governor for a particular year or subject.  Most governors arrange a couple of shorter visits to school and classrooms focusing on key priorities so that they can see how the school is addressing issues identified for development. In addition, informal visits to special events such as drama productions and sports day are encouraged.

Governor Attendance Record

Governors' Pecuniary Interests 2022 - 2023

Governor Vacancies

We are looking to expand the membership of our governing board and would like parents and carers who may be interested in joining the board to contact me. We are also looking to increase the number of governors who have business interests and who may not be parents or carers. If you know of anyone who may be interested please pass on this message and ask them to contact us by email:

Application Form

Governor Leaflet

Full Governing Body Meeting Minutes

 FGB Minutes 27.04.23.pdfDownload
 FGB Minutes 17.04.23.pdfDownload
 FGB Minutes - 21.07.22.pdfDownload
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 FGB Extraordinary Minutes - 08.03.23.pdfDownload
 FGB Minutes - 08.12..22.pdfDownload
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 FGB MINUTES 26.05.22-04102022105757.pdfDownload
 ILF FGB Minutes 14.10.21.pdfDownload
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Standards Committee Meeting Minutes

 Standard Minutes 02.05.23.pdfDownload
 Standards Minutes - 09.01.23.pdfDownload
 Standards Minutes - 26.09.22.pdfDownload
 ILF Standards Minutes 17.01.22.pdfDownload
 ILF Standards Minutes 19.07.21.pdfDownload
 ILF STANDARDS MINS - 17.05.21.pdfDownload
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