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Romans Field School

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RF Curriculum

The areas of the curriculum have been linked to Education Health Care Plans and include the following aspects:   

  • Social, Emotional & Mental Health Development (PSHE) 

  • Physical & Sensory Development (Physical Education & PSHE)  

  • Communication & Interaction Development (Speaking & Listening, PSHE)  

  • Cognition & Learning:  

  • Literacy (Reading & Writing)  

  • Mathematics (Number & Measurement/Position/Shape)  

  • Understanding the World (Science, ICT/Computing, History, Geography, RE & PSHE)  

  • Expressive Arts & Design (Art, DT, Music)  

The brackets indicate aspects of the National Curriculum which are covered within each heading. 

 The outcomes have been created as a continuum, from Stage 1 – Stage 20, with an additional Stage, termed Stage Beyond. These outcomes are used to identify progress in pupils from Reception – KS3.  

  The outcomes have been constructed using a variety of sources, experience and best practice. Materials and support used to develop the outcomes include:  

  • The Early Years Foundation Stages: Development Matters & Characteristics of Effective Learning  

  • Speech and Language Therapists  

  • The Zones of Regulation  

  • Safeguarding training resources  

  • National Curriculum 2014  

  • The PSHE Association, “Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing, in PSHE Programme of Study”  

  • CASEL (Emotional Literacy)  

  • Mental Health Foundation  

  • Safeguarding resources  

  • “My Money” PSHE Teacher Handbook  

  • Youth Sports Trust, “Assessing without Levels”  

  • The Hertfordshire Grid for Learning  

  We believe it is vital to explicitly teach our pupils to safeguard themselves & about their wellbeing, especially their mental health: 

  • SEMH includes a section on relationships & behaviour and self-awareness & self-confidence. Within these levels, outcomes are included to ensure pupils understand Protective Behaviours, including CSE & FGM.  

  • ICT & Computing has an e-safety element in each stage. 

  • We also overtly teach Sex & Relationships lessons which is part of the PSHE outcomes and using age-appropriate guidance.