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Romans Field School

Building Success Together


All children at Romans Field School have the right to have a rich, deep learning experiences that balance all the aspects of computing. With technology having such a big impact in the world today it is vitally important that children are equipped with all the necessary skills.

All of the children at Romans Field School will have access to iPads to enable them to access a wide variety of opportunities in different areas of the curriculum. The children have access to desktop computers allowing them to continually practice their skills.  It is our intention to provide all children with access to iPads to support not only the implementation of the computing curriculum, but across the entire Primary curriculum having this broad access to technology within different areas of the curriculum it allows the children to express themselves and be ready for a very technological world that awaits.

The technology allows children to be supported through a number of different ways. It can engage children in the broader curriculum through the use of applications. It can enable children who find reading difficult to hear what is on their screen.